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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Residence Visa Process

KSA - Family Residence Visa Process
This process involved mainly two to three parts. One part has to be done in your home country (E.G. PAKISTAN) and second part to be done in KSA. Following are the main steps involved. These steps are detailed enough to do whole process yourself, but now a days agent do these all things for you in PAKISTAN. As in PAKISTAN you need to get things attested from CULTURE and SAUDI EMBASSY and ARABIC translations which take time, and agent do that all for extra charges.
First step is to prepare to get family visa from KSA. Things you need are
  1. Your original degree / diploma certificate
  2. Your original marriage certificate
  3. Copies of Birth certificates of your children
  4. Arabic translation of your marriage certificate
  5. Arabic translation of your degree / diploma certificate
All above things need to be attested from your HOME COUNTRY.
Note that all of these have to be done in your home country. For your degree certificate, you must first get the same attested by the HRD Ministry or the Ministry of Education (where applicable) of your home country's government. Once this is done, it has to be re-attested by the Saudi Embassy in your home country.
Once you have all above you need to bring them to KSA. The first part of your family visa case in completed.
The Second step is to prepare an application in KSA. Things you need are
  1. A permanent family visa application form, this form is in ARABIC and is easily available from WAZARAT-E-DAKHILIA (MINSITRY OR INTERIOR). Fill this form very carefully take help from someone who know good ARABIC. (In Riyadh you can get this form from Ministry near HAI-UL-WAZARAH area on ABDUL AZIZ road)
  2. While filling form you have to mention names in ENGLISH, same spelling as they appear on the passport. All other things are ARABIC. THIS FORM HAS TO BE ATTESTED FROM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Once form is filled attach following things.
  3. Copy of your IQAMA.
  4. Original salary certificate / introduction letter from your company in Arabic with salary details attested by the Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Copy of the passport for each family member. (children and spouse)
  6. Copy of your own passport, first page and visa (IQAMA) page.
  7. Copy of birth certificate for each of your children
  8. Copy of your marriage certificate (ATTESTED IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY)
  9. Arabic translation of the copy of your marriage certificate (ATTESTED IN HOME COUNTRY)
  10. Copy of your degree / diploma certificate which has been attested. (ATTESTED IN HOME COUNTRY, SAUDI CULTURE, EMBASSY AND HEC)
  11. Arabic translation of your degree / diploma certificate.
  12. Copy of your work permit card (the original is normally attached to the passport and will be in custody of your sponsor)
  13. If you are going personally, keep ready with you the originals of the following:
    1. Original degree certificate
    2. Original marriage certificate
    3. Original Iqama
    4. Original work permit card
Once you have all above you need to go to MOI (WAZARAT-E-DAKHILIA), the best time to go is morning early like 7AM. People queue outside gate from 6AM normally. But going early make you free by 10AM or so. Sometime if you go late they told you to come tomorrow as they are no more issuing tokens for serving on the same date.
If everything goes well, on you turn after verifications of above you will be given  a so-called 'Yellow Slip' (FAMILY VISA) immediately. Get a color photo copy of this yellow slip for your records and send the original to your family in your home country along with copies of following. If this guy ask you for traveling station tell him it's KARACHI. This means your visa will be issued to KARACHI embassy. Or get as per near embassy to your home town.
The third and last step is to get this visa stamped from your home country, this is not difficult as the yellow slip is with you every thing else is fine. This is the step where you need an agent, he will charge 5-10K depending what he did for you, service charges are normally under 5K Rs. but if he is getting attestations, translations etc then he will charge separately. The third step process is following.
Following are the things that has to be dispatched to AGENT, Also confirm from Agent.
1. Original Nikkah Nama.
2. Wife's Original degree and mark sheet.
3. Wife's Original passport and ID Card. (And children passports)
4. Wife's and children  4 snaps each 
5. Your original National ID Card.

6. Original yellow slip. Visa page. Sometime color photo copy works. Ask Agent.
7. Your Passport photo copy.
8. Your visa photo copy. (the one stamped on passport)
9. Your Iqama photo copy. (Very Important)
10. GAMCA Medical Report.
From GAMCA just go to GAMCA center with Passport, 4 Snaps and Visa Print out other than the one's to be dispatched above. And ask them to issue GAMCA number. To be on save side keep all above in a file with you, so that if they demand then you can show them. 
Once you have GAMCA number go to medical center and get the medical done.Once medical is  done we have to send the report to agent as well. Get a copy of the report.
Agent will give an E-NUMBER, take that enumber with a photo copy of GAMCA report to medical center, they will upload it and stamp the copy that it is online now. FAX it to agent. The step 10 and it's detail agent can do it for you if you ask him. But do it yourself (family) is better.
That's it, now you have to call him daily for visa inquiry. It will be given in one working week once you have all details.


  1. nice blog brother thanks for uploading this kinda material.
    well i have simple inquiry i you can reply
    i am a pharmacist n i have degree of doctor of pharmcay attested for msaudi culutre, but my iqama profesion is "workshop labour" can i get permanent visa "iqama" for my wife???

    reply is appriciated.

  2. As per my knowledge MOFA approved a law some time back that permanent family residence visa will be issued on salary bases instead of profession bases. But this law so far has not been implemented. You can get 3 months visit visa for your wife anyways, the visa process is same as Visit Visa for Mother Process with some minor differences. Let me know if I can help you further about that.

  3. Is it mandatory for the permanent family visa to be updated on mofa website. How can I check the visa online. One of my friend said that the visa number need to be updated online, which would take one or two days. This online update is a must for the visa processing in India.

    Go to Once you enter the page select this option: Search for visa issued from The Ministry of Labor \ Recruitment Agency \ MOFA .

    Once you enter the visa number and your iqama, if your dependents names appear, then the info is updated online, else wait and check the next day. Is this true?

    1. Dear I got yellow letter 4 days before but it is not appearing in Visa issued from MOFA in the website suggested by you.
      Is the ID number means my Iqama Number (I tried with this but not working).
      Do you suggest me to visit istakdam office or wait for few more days?

  4. Yes this is true. The visa should appear online first only then agent can proceed with the further processing. Normally it appear within 24 hours. You have to enter visa number and your IQAMA number on following URL.

    Visa Issued From Mofa

    Visa Presented to Mofa

  5. I have a yellow slip but the visa is not appearing online on mofa website as you said.

    But the visa is appearing in website's eservice-Labour Importation and my 2000Sr has been deducted from the bank already.

    Its already two weeks. what shall I do now.

    1. My Yellow letter VISA number is also not updated though 2000SR is deducted. Its 4 days now.
      Can you suggest me what should i do now? What time is good to go to MOFA to request? Do i need any saudi from my company to go with me?

      Can you tell me what to enter in Identity number and Followup number in eservice-Labour Importation.

  6. If you have yellow slip one thing is for sure, that you have a proper family visa so nothing to worry.
    Please try following.
    1. Check with your agent in India, he can check if visa on moi is enough to get it stamped.
    2. If he told you that it should appear, then take following along with yellow slip to MOFA, just present them and they will upload it.
    YOUR IQAMA Copy (original should be with you)
    Family passport(s) copy
    Nikkah Nama / Marriage Certificate Copy
    Your passport copy.

  7. Thank you so much for your valuable information and guidance.

  8. I want to bring my wife im a student in the university here (KSA)

    Really help me, please !!!


  9. haiii

    i know one thing. mi husband working in saudi since last two years.his visa is a house driver.can he get family visa

  10. Dear Brother this is really very usefull information. I was searching for all this information from a long time. One query brother, to call my mother on a visit visa, is it required that my wife needs to be in saudi arabia. The situation is my company is processing a family visa for wife and child, i want to call my mother along with my family, so what i am planning is to get a visit visa from my mom and all of them can come together. Is it possible to do this, did you come across any such scenario. Please help me out.

  11. I had been heard that currently mofa is not issuing family visa to expatriates.Is this information true?Pls give a reply

  12. Hi,i got a family visa (Yellow Paper) in mofa on 30-Oct-2011 afternoon, after Eid Holiday started. Embassy will reopen on 12th-Nov. Sofar My Visa is not appearing in mofa website. May i know how many will it take for to update in mofa.

  13. How much do I need to Pay (visa processing charges) for My wife and Two Kids 5 years and 3 years.


  14. Thanks for this usefull information bro..
    Can you please tell me that should i need my marriage certificate get attested from saudi embassy?? or just i need only Foreign Affair attestation!

    please reply ASAP. Thanks.

  15. can we hold yellow slip for three months, & then we can submit in Saudi Embassy for Visa stamping??

  16. Hi Guys

    I heard here very useful information for family residence visa,I also want to share some useful information with all u expatriates.last 3 year back i changed my profession from labour to Marketing Specialist,I have degree attested from saudi embassy,Marriage certificate,company salary letter ....means i have all my documnets completed.I getup early 5 am and reached Istaqtam office Riyadh,7:30 istaqtam office opened and then token sesssion started.9:00 token session ended then started the main token # was 98 so i have to wait till 12:30 my token appears so i reached the counter and summit my all documents.within a second he refused my application and said entry in ksa in labour so u can not get family residence visa...and i am shocked..means no benefit to change profession and so on.....Dear if u have enter with labour visa then no benefit to change profession because istaqtam office will not entertain which i mentioned..

  17. Thanks for great sharing post. Its very comprehensive information for everyone, very important to know about Saudi Arabia family visa

  18. Jazak Allah khair for all the above comments.

  19. Asalaamwalekum... i got the yellow slip on 24/12/2013 ..and in the MOI website in my profile its showing under investigation of MOFA .

    in the yellow slip i have border number and wife name , no visa validity and any visa number .

    how many days it will required to update in MOFA website or do i have to visit the MOFA personally and present my yellow paper .

    1. Dear,
      I am getting the same message, I have applied for my Mother in law fews days before Eid fitr Holidays, I had applied manually through ministry of Interior and got the apporval aswell.I immediatley send the document to Pakistan by courier but the agent over their told me that until and unless its appear on the MOFA website it will not be get stamp. any information regarding this, please share...

    2. In how many days it will come?