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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Whats App Calls Enabled in KSA


The calling service of whats app has been enabled in Saudi Arbia. This post has been published to discuss about this service. A very useful service for all expats living in Kingdom. Many thanks to CITC and decision makers.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SR 2400 fee for IQAMA Renewal (Labour Card)

Government of Saudi Arabia has endorsed SR 2400 fee for Labor Card renewal, required every year with the IQAMA renewal. The fee is applied from the beginning of the new Islamic year (1st Mahurram 1434), that is from 15th November 2012 as per Gregorian calendar.

The main reason this decision has been taken is to encourage the private companies to increase the number of their Saudi National employees. This is one of the step for reducing the unemployment for Saudi Nationals.

This post has been published for an open discussion about 2400 SR fee for all expatriates working in Saudi Arabia. If you know any information that is worth sharing with other expatriates or have questions about this, please post here. Your knowledge and experience in this regard will be definitely helpful for others.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Visit Visa Extension Procedure

1.       Pay 100 SAR fees online using Border Entry Number, this is a hand written number beside entry stamp on the passport.

(We know one case where border entry number was not written, in this case go to Jawazat visit visa department and they will write it. PS: It is not required to get token to get border entry number, just request the officer he will write it.)

2.       Visit go to E-Forms and download “Extending Visit Visa” form.

3.       Fill the form or get it filled by some Saudi outside Jawazat (in 10 SAR) and attach the following documents.

a.       1 Snap

b.      Photo copy of First page and visa page.

c.       Sponsor IQAMA copy. (You are sponsor in this case)

d.      Keep Original Passport of visitor with you.

4.       Go to Jawazat Visit Visa Department, and get the token.

5.       On your turn, present your documents with Original passport.

6.       INSHALLAH officer will stamp one month extension on the passport. Even in case of Exit (Mughadara Nahaiya) normally they give 10 days’ extension.


Getting a Permanent Birth Certificate for Baby Born in Saudi Arabia

This posts explains the procedure to get permanent birth certificate for the children born in Saudi Arabia. The procedure requires to have an appointment from MOI and to present original temporary birth certificate in the AHWAL UL MADNI office on the date of your appointment. Following is the step by step procedure.

1.       Get appointment from MOI website.

                                I.            Visit

                              II.            Click on English link or directly browse to


                            III.            If you are a registered user enter your registration details or enter your IQAMA ID number and image code in the unregistered user’s login.

                            IV.            Click register later if you have been presented with SMS registration page, you will see following screen.

                              V.            Click on Appointment Services on left side.

                            VI.            Your Iqamah number will appear in Civil Number, enter Image Code and your date of birth in Gregorian Birth Date, as appeared on your IQAMAH. Then click on Appointments.



                          VII.            Select sector (AHWAL UL MADNIYAH), DISTRICT (Your District), City, Office (AHWAL UL MADNIYAH office near you), and in service select KHIDMATE SHAMLA LILMUQEEMEEN. Click on Appointments Table.

                        VIII.            Select the appointment that suits you from the available appointments table and click Reservation. You will be shown a confirmation screen.

                            IX.            Select ASDAR SHAHADA MEELAD ASLIAYAH LIGHAIR AL SAUDEEN and click ADAFA button. Click on TAKEED ALHIJZ and you will get your appointment, print the appoint page.

2.       Visit Ahwal ul Madni office.

                              X.            Visit the AHWAL UL MADNI office with following documents on your appointment.

                                                               i.      Printout of the appointment.

                                                             ii.      Original Temporary Birth Certificate.

                                                            iii.      Copy of your and mother’s IQAMA and passport. (Keep original with you)

                                                           iv.      Copy of vaccination certificate with 1 year vaccination completed. (Keep original with you)

                            XI.            Get the token and submit your documents, normally they ask you to come at 4PM again to receive the certificate. Get it same day from same window or later they will tell you to visit a different room.

NOTE: Now for new born babies the procedure is same as above. The only difference is you have to attach SHAHDA WILADAH issued by Hospital instead of Temporary Birth Certificate and while taking appointment you have to select TASJEEL WAQIAH MEELAD instead of ASDAR SHAHADA MEELAD ASLIAYAH LIGHAIR AL SAUDEEN.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Madina Munawara - Places to Visit with GPS Coordinates

N 24.468333
E 39.610833

Masjid Al-Quba
N 24.439167
E 39.617222

Masjid Al-Qiblatain
N 24.484086
E 39.578908

N 24.4775723
E 39.5956654

Midan-e-Ohad / Graveyard Ohad
N 24.503333
E 39.611667

N 24.72266
E 39.44327

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Getting a Visit Visa for Family (Mother / Mother in Law)

  1. Fill family visit visa form online at MOFA.GOV.SA.
  2. Print the filled form from MOFA.GOV.SA. All form should be filled in Arabic, other than the visitor's name. As it is in English on Passport. No spelling mistakes on Name.
  3.  Take a photo copy of this filled form and keep it safe, you need it for visa inquiry.
  4.  Introduction letter from Kafeel, must mention salary and purpose of visit. (ABOVE TWO (filled form and introduction letter) SHOULD BE ATTESTED FROM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE)
  5.  Your Iqama, passport first page, and passport visa page copy. 
  6. Wife's Iqama, passport first page, and passport visa page copy. 
  7. A letter from hospital / Dr attending. (ARABIC - Optional in case of pregnancy support)
  8.  Copy of Arabic translation of Nikkah Nama.
  Submit all above to MOFA, and check the status of the visa online after 2 to 3 days.

Family Exit Re-Entry Visa Process

Family Exit Re-Entry Visa Process
You can get exit / re-entry visa for you family your self. Most companies faciliate for such visa, but if you are in hurry or your company is not doing it for you. Following is the process for applying for the exit reentry of your family.
  1. Pay 200 SAR per family member (PER PASSPORT), against there IQAMA ID online, using SADAD services.
  2. Get a form from Jawazat, form is easily available with all typist / shops outside jawazat. They fill it if you if you want for 10SAR.
  3. Separate form is required for each family member.
  4. Form should be filled in Arabic. Duration is important in the form, you can mention 30, 90, 180 or more days. Must remember that duration will start from the day of exit / re-entry visa issuance.
  5. Attach one passport size photo with white background.
  6. Get the form stamped from your company. Two stamps - one covering photo on the form, and other in the box, for Kafeel signature and stamp. (KHATAM and TOQEEH)
  7. Attach following documents.
    • Your IQAMA's Copy. You are kafeel of your family.
    • Family member's IQAMA copy.
    • Family member's passport copy.
  8. Go to jawazat with original passport, filled and stamped (Company) form and wait in the queue.
  9. There are normally three queues in Jawazat 30 days, 90 days and more than 180 days queue. Sit in appropriate que.
  10. These queues are very fast, if there is no MUKHALFA etc you will easily get EXIT / REENTRY in 1 hour maximum.
  11. They will verify the form, enter IQAMA number and give you a stamped white printout which has duration and maximum exit / reentry dates mentioned. 
Verify the details before leaving the counter.