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Friday, June 29, 2012

Visit Visa Extension Procedure

1.       Pay 100 SAR fees online using Border Entry Number, this is a hand written number beside entry stamp on the passport.

(We know one case where border entry number was not written, in this case go to Jawazat visit visa department and they will write it. PS: It is not required to get token to get border entry number, just request the officer he will write it.)

2.       Visit go to E-Forms and download “Extending Visit Visa” form.

3.       Fill the form or get it filled by some Saudi outside Jawazat (in 10 SAR) and attach the following documents.

a.       1 Snap

b.      Photo copy of First page and visa page.

c.       Sponsor IQAMA copy. (You are sponsor in this case)

d.      Keep Original Passport of visitor with you.

4.       Go to Jawazat Visit Visa Department, and get the token.

5.       On your turn, present your documents with Original passport.

6.       INSHALLAH officer will stamp one month extension on the passport. Even in case of Exit (Mughadara Nahaiya) normally they give 10 days’ extension.



  1. Dear I want to convert my visit visa into iqama/permanent,Kindly guide for the process and what is the success rate if i go with it.

  2. Dear Guru,
    I have obtained family permanent visa but my family can not avail it due to certain medical grounds??What is the effective life of family permanent visa???Is it 2-years unless and until stamped??Please guide .

    Sami A.Khan

  3. Dear Guru i want to extend my wife visit visa upto 3 months but unfortunately i have received 30 days visa which issued from mofa last month is any possibilities to extend my wife visa for 3 months

  4. Dear All as salam alaikum, I am came here 5th april 2013 and i have 90 days visa may i know which date is last stay date here in saudi arab

    1. 4th july 2013 is ur last day of visit visa so extend before 6 days of expiry good luck

  5. I want to extend my mother visa, kindly let me know, does this form need to be stamped by my company. [3- Fill the form and attach the following documents.]
    Nowadays there is too rush in jawazat, is visit visa section is separate in jawazat...?
    Kindly update.

  6. Dear Mr.Malik,
    No need to get stamp from your company. And yes the section is separate Hall No. 6 in jawazat Murraba Riyadh. I recommend you to get a token between 8-9 as it is crowded every day. Secondly your current visa expiry should not be more than 6 days before you go for extension.

  7. Dear All As salam alaikum, I wish to renew my mother's visit visa which is going to expire on 9th Ramadan. My question is that is the SAR 100 is for one month extension only?? Because my first visa validity is 90 days now i wish to renew for 90 days more. should I pay SAR 100 in three times? Please Advise

  8. My husband got visit visa issued for me on 3 oct 2013 it is valid only foe 30 days..plz can any 1 tell me wether we can extend it or not further since we heard that visit visa is nore extend able
    Plz waiting for an earnest reply