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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

SR 2400 fee for IQAMA Renewal (Labour Card)

Government of Saudi Arabia has endorsed SR 2400 fee for Labor Card renewal, required every year with the IQAMA renewal. The fee is applied from the beginning of the new Islamic year (1st Mahurram 1434), that is from 15th November 2012 as per Gregorian calendar.

The main reason this decision has been taken is to encourage the private companies to increase the number of their Saudi National employees. This is one of the step for reducing the unemployment for Saudi Nationals.

This post has been published for an open discussion about 2400 SR fee for all expatriates working in Saudi Arabia. If you know any information that is worth sharing with other expatriates or have questions about this, please post here. Your knowledge and experience in this regard will be definitely helpful for others.


  1. Is the decision already final regarding this subject?

  2. Yes, already implemented. Shaharyar

  3. Is it confirmed that this decision has recently been taken back by the government of KSA? And those who have submitted this extended fee 2400/-SR in their concerned Maktab would be given them that extra amount back and how can someone claim to have that extra amount back at this gravity of time? Kindly let me know authentically plz...

    1. for applying for a new iqama how much the fees for the new foreign worker working in saudi

  4. its totally bad decision coz ti will reduce saudi unemployment but will plus the difficulties for private companies coz sauid are fully illetrate they just know how to drive fast and danger except this they know nothing and this will destroy the private compnies

  5. Assalamalaykum, Sir, How are you? Aside from 2400 fees for the Iqama renewal, any other fees to pay? like labor card, etc..

    Thank you in advise, you have a very good forum for the people like me that need complete information.

    Best regards, Mr. Paufilo Apit

  6. how I can check maktabi amal fees which paid for my iqama renewal