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Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting a Permanent Birth Certificate for Baby Born in Saudi Arabia

This posts explains the procedure to get permanent birth certificate for the children born in Saudi Arabia. The procedure requires to have an appointment from MOI and to present original temporary birth certificate in the AHWAL UL MADNI office on the date of your appointment. Following is the step by step procedure.

1.       Get appointment from MOI website.

                                I.            Visit

                              II.            Click on English link or directly browse to


                            III.            If you are a registered user enter your registration details or enter your IQAMA ID number and image code in the unregistered user’s login.

                            IV.            Click register later if you have been presented with SMS registration page, you will see following screen.

                              V.            Click on Appointment Services on left side.

                            VI.            Your Iqamah number will appear in Civil Number, enter Image Code and your date of birth in Gregorian Birth Date, as appeared on your IQAMAH. Then click on Appointments.



                          VII.            Select sector (AHWAL UL MADNIYAH), DISTRICT (Your District), City, Office (AHWAL UL MADNIYAH office near you), and in service select KHIDMATE SHAMLA LILMUQEEMEEN. Click on Appointments Table.

                        VIII.            Select the appointment that suits you from the available appointments table and click Reservation. You will be shown a confirmation screen.

                            IX.            Select ASDAR SHAHADA MEELAD ASLIAYAH LIGHAIR AL SAUDEEN and click ADAFA button. Click on TAKEED ALHIJZ and you will get your appointment, print the appoint page.

2.       Visit Ahwal ul Madni office.

                              X.            Visit the AHWAL UL MADNI office with following documents on your appointment.

                                                               i.      Printout of the appointment.

                                                             ii.      Original Temporary Birth Certificate.

                                                            iii.      Copy of your and mother’s IQAMA and passport. (Keep original with you)

                                                           iv.      Copy of vaccination certificate with 1 year vaccination completed. (Keep original with you)

                            XI.            Get the token and submit your documents, normally they ask you to come at 4PM again to receive the certificate. Get it same day from same window or later they will tell you to visit a different room.

NOTE: Now for new born babies the procedure is same as above. The only difference is you have to attach SHAHDA WILADAH issued by Hospital instead of Temporary Birth Certificate and while taking appointment you have to select TASJEEL WAQIAH MEELAD instead of ASDAR SHAHADA MEELAD ASLIAYAH LIGHAIR AL SAUDEEN.


  1. I used this blog today. Very helpful to the point and CHA GAYA HOON MEIN :)

    1. Hi Faris, a question, did they ask to see the mom's original passport? Because my wife has left saudi now and I was wondering how im going to be able to get the permanent birth certificate before I leave...

  2. My son born in Al-Jubail 11 years back. We have temporary birth certificate. Now we are not in KSA anymore since 9 years. Can we get permanent birth certificate from KSA with the help of embassy or what is the procedure? We cannot come to KSA and take appointments, so please tell us any alternative way.