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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Family Exit Re-Entry Visa Process

Family Exit Re-Entry Visa Process
You can get exit / re-entry visa for you family your self. Most companies faciliate for such visa, but if you are in hurry or your company is not doing it for you. Following is the process for applying for the exit reentry of your family.
  1. Pay 200 SAR per family member (PER PASSPORT), against there IQAMA ID online, using SADAD services.
  2. Get a form from Jawazat, form is easily available with all typist / shops outside jawazat. They fill it if you if you want for 10SAR.
  3. Separate form is required for each family member.
  4. Form should be filled in Arabic. Duration is important in the form, you can mention 30, 90, 180 or more days. Must remember that duration will start from the day of exit / re-entry visa issuance.
  5. Attach one passport size photo with white background.
  6. Get the form stamped from your company. Two stamps - one covering photo on the form, and other in the box, for Kafeel signature and stamp. (KHATAM and TOQEEH)
  7. Attach following documents.
    • Your IQAMA's Copy. You are kafeel of your family.
    • Family member's IQAMA copy.
    • Family member's passport copy.
  8. Go to jawazat with original passport, filled and stamped (Company) form and wait in the queue.
  9. There are normally three queues in Jawazat 30 days, 90 days and more than 180 days queue. Sit in appropriate que.
  10. These queues are very fast, if there is no MUKHALFA etc you will easily get EXIT / REENTRY in 1 hour maximum.
  11. They will verify the form, enter IQAMA number and give you a stamped white printout which has duration and maximum exit / reentry dates mentioned. 
Verify the details before leaving the counter.


  1. Salaam,
    "Must remember that duration will start from the day of exit / re-entry visa issuance." are you sure ? may be it starts from the date of exit from the airport in KSA...... PLEASE CLARIFY?

  2. Dear all,

    Can someone please tell me what is the maximum time period for which I can send my wife (with iqama) on exit reentry visa.

    She is pregnant . Please help as she is very ill

  3. In my knowledge 9 months easily. you can get exit reentry yourself. Keep in view Iqama expiry date.

  4. this is old process and no longer valid - btw, you dont need your company/kafeel's stamp..just your signature is enough, because you are kafeel for your family...

  5. what is the new procedure??
    because all exit/re-entry visas for dependents is now to be done online, not at Jawazat (you can get it done by your company's HR dept, but they also have to get it done online)
    no more visits to the Jawazat offices

  6. can any one tell how I can et appointment in the nasria branch for the birth certificate in Riyadh, I tried a lot but no appointments are available, what should I do? can I make birth certificate in Royal mall Riyadh as there is an other office of civil affairs but not mention in moi web site.